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Sylvae | Lv. 19 | Druid | Neutral Good
Plant Pixels by spectrum-chan Plant Pixels by spectrum-chan

Please fall under this magic.
Don’t decay away, revive yourself once more.
Don’t give up and say, “I have no future,”.
Just realize the hidden, sleeping power in you.
Please expose the trick.
Don’t fall in, pull through.
Don’t stop doubting.
Just unleash that power in you.

Ambiguous speakers.
Is there no point of contradiction?
Who will bury the ashes that were after
I flared up in going along with my emotions?
Isn't it a classic play that shoulders ACTORS?
When I tried to overturn the first edition, rats were dying.

Above all, above all, above all else because
I can do nothing but raise it higher.
Figure it, figure it, figure it out because
I can do nothing but raise it higher.
Raise it, raise it, raise it higher because
I’ll raise it more and more until I am captured by it.
I’ll go to find it; It’s all I wish to do.

Code by Tskaa



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Terminemos el año con un Tagg patrocinado por FrossetHjerte /u/

- Name:
- Alternate names/nickname: Sylvae, Syl, Alasmay, Alas Sylbae(?
- Gender: Femenino
- Pronouns: She/Her
- Birthday: 3 de Febrero
- Zodiac sign: Acuario

- Height: Smol (1,50... y casi nada más).
- Eye colour: Blue like the sky ✨
- Hair colour: Dark blonde and a bit of brown? I don't know it depends of the light lol
- Tattoos?: Nope
- Piercings?: Nope
- Favourite outfit: My sheep pijamas.
- Have you dyed your hair?: Nope
- Long or short hair?: L O N G. Always.


- Sexual orientation: I- Ill say bi. But I'm also ace and sometimes I'm aro... I'm not really sure tbh, I don't really care that much about sexualities lol.
- Relationship status: Single. (actually secretly married to 2 or 3 fictional characters, hey, don't look at my like that, I'm really really really really sure you have a fictional husband/wife too).
- Romantic partner: Nobody.
- Best friend: ...Why you want to know that? They know 👀

- T̶v̶ show: Critical Role, but it's not a Tv show, It's a Twitch/stream show.
- Anime/cartoon: The awesome world of gumball
- Musician(s): I don't have one favorite. Maybe Crusher-P? P.I.N.A? Ghost?
- Music genre: Electronic, techno, dance and, of course: Eurobeat.
- Song: Right now, this one

- Author: 
Patrick Rothfuss
- book/series: The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man's Fear (I still have to finish this one...)
- Comic: The Critical Role Issues published by Dark horse I think? (I'm sorry but I don't read comics...)
- Youtuber: I don't have any 
- Hobby: Art, music, RPing, gardening 
- Colour: Black, blue and violet
- Animal: Zebra
- Weather: Cloudy
- Scent: I'm not sure...
- Store: Oysho (their pijamas are so fluffy...)
- Season: Winter and Fall 
- Holiday: Halloween I guess??
- Time of day: Mornings
- Character: I don't know.
- Food: Mom's soup and pizza.
- Game: (Not in order)
Danganronpa Trigger happy Havor
Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
Bravely Default
Bravely Second
- Religion: My only gods are Arceus, Pelor and Sarenrae(Sarenbae)(?? I also like Persephone bc she's the queen of hell and the goddest of the seasons I think?
- Believe in magic?: What kind of magic? there are diferents types of magic in this world yknow?
- Believe in an afterlife?: I'm not sure
- Believe in reincarnation?: Maybe?
- Ghosts?: Nah
- angels and demons?: If it has to exist one demon, please be this one I'll gladly sell my soul to you.
- Karma?: Always.
- Aliens?: Sure, why not.
- Cryptids/urban legends?: It depends
- Biggest fear: Get lost.

- physical health: I'm actually better than back at the start of the year
- mental health: Anxious
- have you ever been hospitalised?: Yeap
- broken a bone?: Yup
- gotten stitches?: I have one from an operation when I was like 2 or 3 years old lol.


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